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Conway Corp

For more than 80 years, Conway Corporation has operated Conway, Arkansas’ city-owned utility system, providing electric, water, wastewater, cable, internet, telephone and now home security services. Basically, they keep Conway clean and comfortable all year long, and they do it very well. So well, in fact, that residents almost forgot about Conway Corp altogether.

In keeping with this behind-the-scenes persona, the company had focused more on products and less on telling their story, calling on Eric Rob & Isaac to help with several product rollout campaigns over the years.

But in 2015, Conway Corp found itself increasingly competing against national players with well-established brands and much deeper marketing pockets. They turned to us to help develop a consistent, professional brand identity that reflects the quality and integrity of their organization so they could truly compete head-to-head.

Armed with research from various customer focus groups, our team developed a comprehensive new branding initiative that positions the company as an undisputed leader in the market, and features their innovative products and unbeatable customer service in a concise, provocative way. It’s not just about powering Conway. It’s also about empowering Conway Corp with a confident brand that highlights their proven value in the community.