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The University of Central Arkansas Alumni Association actively seeks new ways to engage existing and potential members to increase awareness, participation, impact and revenue. So when alumni leadership heard about a successful membership campaign built around colorful socks in Indiana, they were excited to explore similar opportunities in Arkansas.

Eric Rob & Isaac was tapped to create a comprehensive marketing campaign promoting the availability of exclusive, purple and- gray-striped “spirit socks” emblazoned with the UCA logo. New and existing members could only get the socks by joining, renewing or making a donation to the UCA Alumni Association.

ERI responded with a strategic plan to generate broad excitement – playing up the exclusivity of the socks – and directly engaging the association’s variety of target audiences. This plan included an online presence, an introductory video, four videos targeting specific alumni lifestages, print, direct mail, social media engagement, outdoor advertising and more. The entire campaign was branded with a striking graphic look and named “BEAR YOUR STRIPES,” paying homage to the UCA Bears and nationally recognized football field. That name also served as the unifying rally cry across all components.

The agency also created a social strategy that encouraged alumni from around the world to post a picture of them wearing their socks using #BearYourStripes. Alumni enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this fun activity while showing off the unique places they live or were visiting. The stripes could be found around the world, including on top of the Great Wall of China.

The campaign was incredibly well received by existing and potential alumni members, along with current students and the general public in and around Conway. The UCA Alumni Association saw a 36.3% increase in enrollment from the previous year and their retention rate increased from 49% to 63%. The Association also reported an increase in engagement throughout the year.