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University of Central Arkansas

Throughout its rich history, the University of Central Arkansas has been quite successful in developing strong image and awareness among prospective students. But as their behaviors began to change, the university wanted its brand messaging and communication strategies to evolve, too.

So in 2015, UCA hired Eric Rob & Isaac to develop a comprehensive marketing plan and corresponding branding campaign that would showcase higher education with even higher standards. We sharpened our No. 2 pencils and got to work.

First, the research. Students want to attend a college where they can lead a full, interesting, exciting life. Academics are important, but so are social groups, professional opportunities and hands-on programs. Prospective students are looking for authenticity. They want a university they can identify with, and one that makes a real effort to identify with them.

We began with a logo update, featuring the university’s iconic window inside an academic shield flanked by laurels. Both purple and gray school colors are prominent, as is their Central Arkansas location.

Then, to highlight UCA’s academic record, employment rates, premium location and campus living, we developed a fresh, energetic campaign with a strong core message: GO HERE. GO ANYWHERE. It’s bold. Direct. Simple. At UCA, students get more than an outstanding education. They get endless opportunities. We conveyed this message through print, broadcast, digital, social, outdoor and more.

In conjunction with the new campaign, we launched a microsite,, to serve as a one-stop resource for all things college prep. The microsite acts as a communications hub for prospective students and parents, simplifying the application process and showcasing the university’s best benefits.

The new look, new campaign and new microsite all share a common theme that really isn’t new at all. When you go to the University of Central Arkansas, you can go anywhere in life. UCA is literally making a promise to prospective students. And they deliver.