Ben Johnson

Eric Lancaster

Rob Bell

Isaac Alexander

Isaac’s artistic talents as both a graphic designer and illustrator (an uncommon lethal weapon) have helped clients win multiple local, regional and national awards and, even better, stand out from the proverbial pack.

John Mark Adkison

Stephanie Brown

It takes a lot to throw Stephanie off of her game. She handles the deadlines and challenges of account management with steady grace, and is ready to cheer on her clients with every success.

Amanda Carroll

April Fatula

April has more than 12 years of experience & leads ERI’s media relations efforts, pitching local, regional & national media on topics ranging from health care to hospitality to retail.

Kali Gay

Katie Geurin

Tawni Haley

Tawni has a story about everything & she can tell a story about anything. Tawni has a knack for developing a spot-on voice for each client. going beyond a simple sales message to really resonate with audiences.

Ben Johnson

Katie Kemp

Shaun Koehn

Destin Layton

A Georgia native, Destin developed an appreciation for pop culture and design in and around Atlanta. As a college athlete, long-time coach and outdoorsman, he brings great energy and attitude – as well as natural talent – to the ERI design team.

Morgan Maxwell

Camille Norman

Joe Osborne

Amy Scholtes

Taylor Stokes

Erin Wilson

Shauna Yeager

Britney Young

Ben Johnson

Creative Director

An exceptional designer in his own right, Ben also provides the framework for the entire ERI creative department. He oversees all creative development – which is some serious responsibility. Under his steady leadership, what could be chaos is, in fact, an innovative, cohesive team that genuinely enjoys working together. Born and raised in Canada, Ben brings a fresh perspective to brand development as both a creative spirit (BFA) and business mind (MBA). His strategic approach to branding aligns all marketing communications to consistently reinforce a client’s unique selling proposition. His work has received numerous international honors and has been published in books, magazines and college textbooks. Ben is inspired by his wife, Christie, and their two children, Julie and Aaron.