Media Assistant

Media is a fast-paced world of deadlines, guidelines, strategies and opportunities. But that’s okay with Kali! This UCA grad is equipped with a public relations degree and experience in both human resources and finance, plus excellent skills in communication, time management, social media organizational systems and more. She is calm. She is unflustered. She can take the heat – literally. Kali is a spicy food fan and once had a chicken wing doused in sauce so hot it rated 500,000 on the Scoville scale. When she’s not scalding her taste buds you might find Kali hunting for bargains to furnish her home (she gets all the great deals!) and enjoying family time. She serves in student ministry at church. If you have a big event to plan, Kali can help you do that, too. She thrives on organization and never EVER blows the budget.